Frequently Asked Questions

How to install fonts on computer (Mac/PC)?

On a PC: Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click “Install.”

On a Mac:

    1. Double click on the OTF or TTF file, then click “Install Font.”
    2. Or, you can manually install fonts to bypass Fontbook: Copy (CMD + C) the file(s) either OTF or TTF format, then Paste (CMD + V) the files into this folder: HD > Library > Fonts

Note: You may require to restart your software so that the font can be read completely.

What software do I need to use this font?

Basically you can use any basic editing software to use the font. Fonts will work in Microsoft Office applications, Adobe software, and almost any other program with a text editor. if you want to accesss alternate glyphs, you must use software that supports opentype features.

How can I access the alternate glyphs in the commercial versions?

We hope you have made sure first that you have access to software that has opentype features before you decide to purchase our commercial license.

You can use software like Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/Indesign, Affinity Designer/Photo, CorelDraw etc.

Just click on Text > Glyphs and you’ll get the complete character map of the font. Adobe Photoshop, in it’s latest version (CC 2015) offers such a feature : click on Type > Panels > Glyphs panel or Window > Glyphs.

If you did not have access to opentype software, you can still access alternate glyphs via PUA Encode using software like Character Map/Babel Map on Windows or Character Viewer on Mac.

Can I resell your font?

No, you cannot resell all of Grezline Studio Font.

Can I share your font to a friend, or distribute via download on a blog/site?

No, you cannot share font files you download to your friends or make available fonts for download on your blog/site.